Christian Farmers cultivating HOPE in their communities







Because farming is a ministry to GOD we farm with EXCELLENCE; always seeking to improve through experimentation and innovation, Sowers of Hope learn how to learn from the Bible, the Land, and each other.


Because we are farming in a ministry to our COMMUNITY, we farm with COMPASSION; to provide for the needes of our families and community. Sowers of Hope farm for nutrition and strive for abundance.


Because farming is a ministry to CREATION, we should farm with HUMILITY; starting with thoughtful observation in order to work WITH God’s good design, and Provide for the needs of the Land and Animals as well.


_Ernestine MUTEZINKA

For Ernestine, being a Sower of Hope means caring about the environment and preaching the Gospel through farming. As her family and neighbors saw Ernestine using what she was learning at the AgriFaith School, they wanted to learn from her.

“Just a few months in the training has greatly impacted my area and now is changing the people...I cannot imagine what it will be like in ten years!”


Commissioned Farmer, Gasura Parish, Rwanda

Jean Baptiste has particularly excelled in growing Kitchen Gardens in what was previously considered his “bad land.” When asked, “Have you been able to earn extra money from the vegetables your growing?” He answered, “No, I am a Sower of Hope. Whatever is extra I share with my neighbors.” After the second season, Jean Baptiste was chosen by the local government to run a program promoting and training on Kitchen Gardens.
“Being a Sower of Hope has affected my faith as a leader. It has taught me humility and compassion, to be humble and help others. How to farm with excellency, so that others might see and come and use my work as an example.”


Sowers of Hope Coordinator, Gasura Parish, Rwanda
Pastor Emmanuel KAYIJUKA

When he heard about Sowers of Hope, Pastor Emmanuel knew this was an opportunity he wanted to offer to his congregation; to help them minister to their families and their communities. “Practicing good agriculture, caring for animals and trees, is all part of the Christian life,” he said. Pastor Emmanuel looks forward to planting a garden at the church; a garden that will help create a deeper sense of unity among his members and the community.
“I want church members to know what it means to be a man of God; it involves their entire being.”

Pastor Emmanuel KAYIJUKA

Pastor of Kinyinya Parish, Rwanda

Reuben is excited to take what he is learning in the AgriFaith Assocation to help impact those around him. “Sowers of Hope is impacting how I farm, including using mulch, how to space my plants, and using natural pesticides,” Reuben said. He is growing a multitude of plants on his farm, experimenting to see which will grow best on his land. This ensures that if a certain plant does not do well, Reuben and his family will still have other plants they can depend on. Reuben hopes that with this training, he can change the community and have an impact on the church, all through agriculture.

“Being a Sower of Hope helps me to know about God in creation and how I can care for creation to create a relationship with God.”


Commissioned Farmer, Gasura Parish, Rwanda
Archdeacon Samuel KAYITARE, Gasabo Diocese, Rwanda (1)

Archdeacon Samuel has been a huge supporter of Sowers of Hope. He believes this program is equipping farmers to understand the role God has called them to, as well as share the Gospel with their neighbors. “I see Ababibyi B’lbyiringiro `{`Sowers of Hope`}` transforming people,” he said. “`{`as Christians`}` we are the ones who help people understand the Word of God. We are called to set an example.” Archdeacon Samuel believes whether it is your garden or your cows, everything you own should praise God and help share the Gospel!

“Christians should not only preach the Word of God verbally, but also practically.”

Archdeacon Samuel KAYITARE

Gasabo Diocese, Rwanda

“We have lots of farming experience in our country. There are many things we know, but don’t put into practice. Thank you, Sowers of Hope for encouraging us. You are a good catalyst.”


Elected Farmer, Kinyinya Parish, Rwanda

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